Card Stock Checks

Quantity Discounts are calculated in the cart, based on the number of "Product skus" you order.  (see more about quantity discounts here)

Cardstock checks are printed on thick paper, about the thickness of a business card. These are pre-printed with a blue border to give you a less expensive alternative for big checks. Show your brand and customize them with your logo. Easily write in the information with permanent markers. Wide-tip markers are recommended to be seen at a distance.

These checks are recommended when you have a lot of checks to hand out. Quantity discounts are offered when ordering multiple. One to two people can hold one cardstock check. Orders under 5 will be shipped in a tube; larger quantities will be shipped in a box. Keep either packaging for storage and transport.

The best use for this material is to get a bulk order of them with your logo on it. That way you'll have 50 of them lying around to be handed out whenever a charity event arrives.