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Common Questions?

How much is shipping?

Once you add your products to the cart our system will calculate shipping based off the box sizes needed and the zip code it's shipping to. The shipping prices are live and are the lowest possible rates we can get at that time. Sometimes the rates will change and the price you see today might not be the price you see tomorrow.

FedEx uses dimensional weight for most of the boxes we use, the larger the box the higher shipping prices.

Where's my check design?

You'll only be able to view any saved check designs if you created an account and saved the designs. You can follow our "Finding Your Saved Designs" guide here to find your designs.

Can I hand write on the checks?

Yes, you can hand write on your checks. If you purchased a one time use check we recommend using a wide tip permanent marker to write on your Big Check. If you purchased a Dry Erase Check, you cannot use a permanent marker otherwise it will ruin your dry erase lamination. We commend using a dry erase, wet erase or liquid chalk marker to write on your dry erase reusable check.

Do you have Foam checks?

We do not offer foam board printing for our Big Checks because in our experience we have found that the foam board is just too fragile and they become damaged before our customers can use them. The materials we print on are far more durable, stronger and less expensive than foam board.

I have a file already for printing, can you print it?

Yes, we can certainly use your print ready file! Before you set up your print ready file it's a good idea to take a look at our file requirements, this way you know the file is right and you won't waste valuable time adjusting the file later. Once you're ready to place the order, go to the desired product and you can either upload your file right there with the file upload before adding it to the cart, or you can upload you file in the design online program.

How much information should I have typeset on the check?

There is no limit to how much information you can have on your Big Check, since we produce the Big Checks right in house we can print anything you set up in the design online program or your print ready file. We do recommend trying to keep the information simple and clear as possible. If you add a ton of information to your check it's going to be cluttered and hard to read, the more simple you can keep it the easier it will be to read in pictures.

What should I have printed on a dry erase check?

For Dry Erase Checks you should only provide what you want to have permanent on your Big Check, any area that you plan to re-use should be kept blank. Once we print the check and add the lamination over it, everything printed will be permanent and you won't be able to remove it. Most of our customers only get their logo and maybe a signature printed on their dry erase check. That way they can use all the different areas on the check for any future event.

Does the glossy finish on the dry erase checks make photos difficult?

Dry erase lamination does create a glossy finish to your Big Check, unfortunately it's unavoidable since the lamination is glossy. You will have to practice how to hold the check to reduce the glare and also take photos at different angles to see what looks best. 

What are the "roll-able" checks?

Roll-able checks are great because it's rolled up when shipped and it's extremely easy to transport. The roll-able material is made of a thin plastic, when you unroll it, the material will snap open and return to the original flat state, although this is not a rigid check so if you place it on an easel stand it could bow. The roll-able material is good for a one time use checks since we are not able to dry erase laminate. It's a great alternative material for the larger checks since it will save you on shipping costs.

Can I get the check rushed and is there a charge for rush services?

We print and ship all big checks as quickly as possible. If you place your order and approve of the proof by 2pm EST it will print and ship the same day (during normal business hours). Although our production time can't be rushed, you do have the choice to rush your shipping method. Add your Big Check to the cart to see the shipping calculator. You'll see options for ground, 3-day, 2-day and 1-day shipping, along with the current shipping rate prices.

What checks are reusable?

If you plan to re-use your check then you'll have to choose a dry erase check, with the proper care and use of dry erase markers you can re-use the check over and for a long time.

Do I get a proof?

Yes, as long as you choose to receive a proof you will receive a proof via email. Nothing goes into production without your approval. At that time our graphics team will let you know if everything looks good or if they have any concerns.


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