Oversized Checks (47"x94")

Economy checks are printed on a 4mm (about 3/16" thick) corrugated plastic board, also known as Coroplast®. This is the most popular material chosen for novelty checks because it's low-cost yet still durable and rigid. It is waterproof and lightweight, but if dropped, corrugated plastic does not crack. Because it's corrugated, there are slight ridges on the surface that don't interfere with writing or printing. Economy board oversized checks can be created for a one-time event, whether it's kept by the recipient or hung up on a wall, or for multiple uses. In this case, the optional dry erase upgrade would be required. The dry erase lamination is compatible with dry erase or liquid chalk markers. This option allows for the oversized check to be used on multiple occasions in a multitude of settings. Storage is very simple and the oversized dry erase check can be cleaned very easily.   

These checks are hinged and folded to save on shipping costs.