Design Online Directions

Our design online program is available for all our Big Checks. It’s free to use and very user friendly. There’s thousands of templates, colors, and backgrounds to choose from. You can even upload your own print ready file in the program.

Follow our written guides to learn how to use the design online program like a pro!


Before you jump into our design online program you must find the perfect Check product!

Picking a size:

First step is to choose the right size Big Check for your needs. Our checks come in sizes 16”x32, 18”x36, 22”x48”, 30”x60” and 47”x94”.

16”x32” Checks are good for 1-2 person presentations/photo shoots

18”x36” Checks are good for 1-4 person presentations/photo shoots

22”x48” Checks are good for 1-6 person presentations/photo shoots

30”x60” Checks are good for 6 or more person presentations/photo shoots

47”x94” Checks are good for large group presentations. /photo shoots

Check out our Photo Gallery to get a good idea of how Big the different size look.

Picking the material:

Now that you got your size picked out, it’s time to pick out the material. All our Big Checks are offered in Economy board and most are also offered in PVC board material. We also offer Enviroboard and Rollup materials on some Big Checks.

Economy Board: Corrugated plastic, has horizontal flute lines going though the material

PVC Board: Smooth solid plastic board

Enviroboard: Recyclable corrugated cardboard with a smooth finish (one time use only, cannot be dry erase)

Roll up Material: Smooth thin plastic that is roll-able for easy transport (one time use only, cannot be dry erase)

You can find more details about each material on our Materials We Use page.

Do you need to use your check multiple times?

Pick a Dry Erase Check, we will add a lamination over the entire check and with the use of dry erase markers you can easily write, wipe and reuse over and over. (Only Economy board and PVC board can be dry erase)

Now that we know what Check you want, we can get down to designing it!