Fantasy League Novelty Checks to Seal the Season

Fantasy League Novelty Checks to Seal the Season

12th Feb 2023

It's been a long season full of ups and downs, but it's finally time to crown a champion in your fantasy league. And what better way to do so than with a big, fat check made out to the winning team? That's right - head to the Big Check Store (that's right, we've existed since 2009) and get ready to show this year's winner what they've been playing for. Here's how to make your fantasy league championship even more exciting with novelty checks.

For the avid sports fan, there's nothing quite like winning your fantasy league.

For the avid sports fan, there's nothing quite like winning your fantasy league. Sure, you could buy yourself a big plasma television or something more practical but those investments don't really show anyone else how big a winner you actually are. No, if you really want to let everyone know big that big check symbolizes, you need to get yourself a big check from These novelty checks are fully customizable and they come in sizes up to 5 feet wide! Imagine how great it would feel to be able to write big checks with your winning team's logo on them throughout the season!

What if you could take it one step further and get a real check for your winnings - just like the pros!

Imagine if you could actually get a big, oversized check in the mail after you won your fantasy league. You know, just like they do it on the big reality shows where the winner gets a big novelty check that they can hold up and wave around? That would be pretty cool right? It's not something most people think about when they're playing online, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded of how much winning can mean in tangible terms - especially with a big check as evidence! 

Rub that win in with a Big Check from

Feeling the need to really rub that big win in everyone's face? has you covered! With a wide selection of quality, novelty checks, make sure everyone knows just how much you won on that lucky streak. Show off in style with an authentic-looking, oversized check that is perfect for awarding prizes and bonuses - they will definitely know it is serious money when they see one of these babies. Go ahead and enjoy seasonally increased prices while they last so you can show off your victory in true fashion - after all, winning should be celebrated!