Make Your Donation Go Further in PR Marketing With Big Presentation Checks

12th Feb 2023

In public relations and marketing, we are often called upon to make donations on behalf of our clients. But what if there was a way to make your donation go even further? With a big presentation check, you can. Here's how:

Your client writes a check for their donation as usual, but instead of mailing it directly to the charity, they give it to you. You then take that dollar amount, you or your clients business logo, and write out who the charity is to on a large presentation check. When you present the check to the charity, be sure to get plenty of photos and video of your client presenting the check. This will provide valuable visuals for your PR and marketing efforts.

Not only will your client's donation look more impressive when presented in this way, but you'll also get some great content for your PR and marketing materials. So next time your clients make a donation, think big – presentation checks are the way to go!

The power of big presentation checks

Have you ever seen a big presentation check? You know, the kind that's big enough to fill someone with all big dreams! I mean, big checks are like gigantic foam fingers – they signify big achievement. That big check isn't just some large piece of paper filled with numbers... it's actually symbolic of real success and accomplishments. Big presentation checks have a way of making us really stop and appreciate the hard work and dedication we put into something. At the same time, big checks remind us we shouldn't take what we do for granted, because there's always a way to make our projects bigger and better!

How to make your donation go further in PR marketing

Donating money to charity is usually done with good intentions, but making that money go further in PR marketing is a great way to really make your donation worth it. Try these tips with your next donation:

  • Get the company receiving the donation to tag you in all social media posts online.
  • Submit the big check visuals along with your donation information to local and national news outlets.
  • Submit your own good deeds into relevant hashtags in the industry.

Why you should consider using a big presentation check for your next donation

If you're looking to give back to your community in a big, big way, nothing is more show-stopping than writing a generous check - except for writing it on a big check! Presenting someone with a big check makes for an eye-catching photo op and the perfect social media post. Not to mention, your generosity will be cemented in history when the recipient proudly displays the big check at their event or organization. Short of writing a big check with lots of zeroes after the dollar sign, there's no better way to make sure that your donation gets noticed - and appreciated - by all. So if you're ready to make it rain big money-style, don't waste any time – snag a big presentation check today!

Not only will they make your donation stand out, but they’ll also get you plenty of shares and likes across social media pages. Instead of just writing a boring bank check, why not take your donations to the next level with a big presentation check? Plus, our online design program makes it easy: you can create your own eye-catching check in just minutes!  So don’t wait - switch up your donation game today and design your own eye-catching big check with our online design program--you won’t regret it!