Materials We Use


Economy Board

Economy board is a lightweight material that is popular because of its low cost and durability. It does not dent easily and is waterproof, unlike a foam board material. It is a corrugated plastic that has hollow grooves that run down the center of the material, is very light weight.

PVC Board

PVC board is made from 1/8” thick PVC plastic material. It’s a solid semi-rigid board with a smooth surface. It works very well for pictures because it will stay flat when presenting your Big Check. The smooth surface of the material makes the check look clean and professional.

Roll Up

The Roll Up material is a semi rigid 1mm thick styrene plastic board. This check is thin and light weight, it can roll up for easy transportation. We roll the check up and tuck it inside a box, saving you money in shipping costs. When you receive the check make sure to un-roll it for storage because if it stays rolled up for long periods of time it will retain the curve from being rolled up.

Caution: The roll up check will spring open when you remove the tape. Please be careful when opening it.


Enviroboard is a lightweight material that is 100% recyclable. It’s 1/8” with a smooth finish. Once you are done with your Big Check you can recycle it with your cardboard items. This material is not waterproof and it will become soggy if wet.


Our cardstock checks come pre-printed on thick paper. It’s our cheapest version of the check because it is blank and always in stock. Use care when handling these checks because they are not as durable as the other checks that we offer. Cardstock can rip easily so it’s important to not apply too much pressure when holding it.