Setting Up Your Print Ready File

Final File Size

It is important that you set up your file according to the “Final File Size. If your file is not saved at the proper final size our graphics team may have to ask you to adjust and re-send.

Our PDF templates are designed at the exact size you will need your final file to be, so if you choose to open the PDF template in your design program it should create the exact size needed.

Designing in a Smaller Size

We do like to see file sizes set up to the final size, however, you can set up the file to be a smaller proportional size, and we will enlarge it for printing.


Our printers convert artwork to CMYK prior to printing, so it’s best to design in CMYK to avoid unexpected color results, however, RGB, mixed colors and Pantone colors are accepted.

Pantone colors: We print in a 4-color process, so pantone colors are mapped to match as closely as possible.

Text / Transparencies / Special Effects

You put all this work into creating the perfect graphic, you will want to make sure your file retains all the hard work you did! Make sure to convert all text/fonts to curves or outlines and flatten any transparencies or special effects.

Image Resolution

Image resolution for large format printing does not have to be high, since these are typically large products they are normally viewed from a distance, therefore, the DPI resolution can be lower, and you’ll still get a high-quality print. In our experience 125 – 150 DPI is perfect, you can go lower in DPI if necessary, and usually anything higher than 150 dpi does not make too much of a difference.

NOTE: If you are designing for small print such as business cards, postcards, color copies, etc. then you will want to keep your DPI at 300 or higher, anything lower than 300 will appear blurry.

Files we accept:

These are the best file types to use for large format printing, provided you followed the guidelines above.

  • PDF - Preferred file type
  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • Eps

Accepted Files Types, but not preferred:

Native design files are not the best to use for final printing because a lot of things could go wrong since the file is not prepped for printing; however; if you send in a native file our graphics team will do our best to prepare your file for printing on our end. Since our team is not familiar with the artwork, you'll have to pay extra close attention to your proof to make sure everything was converted to print properly. In our experience fonts, images and transparencies tend to distort or drop out when converting your native file to a print file. It's best to convert your file on your end to ensure the file retains the design properly.

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Corel

Not Accepted Files Types:

The following types files we are not able to accept for large format printing. They will have to be converted to an acceptable file type in order for us to use it.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher


If you have any questions we are available:

Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays

8:30am - 5pm EST